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The eMundus project, an initiative supported by the European Commission, has been working in the period 2014-2015 with the aim to explore the potential of Open Education approaches (such as OER, MOOCs and Virtual Mobility) to support long term, balanced, inter-cultural academic partnership for improving learning and teaching. The main finding of eMundus is that open approaches can have a positive impact on international collaboration practices, increasing not only trust and mutual understanding but also efficiency and innovation. Still, the way to go to promote Open Education as a catalyst towards inclusive, intercultural and effective international cooperation among universities is long and much work remains to be done. We have condensed the eMundus experience in the project Final Publication, so that others can further explore the relation between Open Education and internationalisation, for the benefit of universities around the globe.

eMundus project : European initiative to spread education and health

The eMundus results, presented here below, can be openly and freely used to make this process smoother and more effective.


We are gathering information on Open Education in the eMundus countries, identifying patterns of collaboration enhanced by MOOCs and Virtual Mobility.


We are mapping Open Education practices around the globe, showing the impact of MOOCs and Virtual Mobility on internationalisation of Higher Education.


We are collecting tools and approaches to inspire teachers and university leaders to adopt Open Education strategies for their internationalization.


We are drawing, by mobilizing our community partners, some long-term recommendations for policy makers, teachers and practitioners, to foster open approaches to HE international collaboration.

European Commission project : support to bring education and health together

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