The main eMundus results are listed here:

  • Country Reports, presenting the most important Open Education developments in Brazil, Canada, Europe, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, together with some cases of excellence in Open Education . You can Download the Reports or browse them in their wiki versions.
  • eMundus ATLAS, an online map where you can search for and include Open Education practices, as well as get an understanding of the main local and global collaboration dynamics in the field. Available at
  • eMundus Exploratorium, a web environment targeted to practitioners that want to learn more about Open Education approaches, who can follow a number of scenarios to make their teaching more effective and inclusive. Available at
  • eMundus webinars, organized during the Open Education Week on March 9-13 2015, discussing the relation between Open Education and issues such as employability, quality assurance, credit recognition, joint degrees. Read the summary of the webinars.
  • The eMundus Recommendations, targeting HE leaders, officers in charge of international relations, academic networks and policy makers in charge for HE, and providing some ideas on how to increase effectiveness and success of international cooperation through Open Education. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesian.
  • eMundus Final Publication, presenting the project “adventure” and the main reflections, findings, results of the work done by the eMundus partnership. Available for download.